Find Me Using APRS

or view window below.


View my friend Dave, KE5OMR

View my friend Bob, KE5PHX


If unfamiliar with the / website please read:

If upon clicking the link above and you get to a screen like this, simply enter my callsign K2YYF in the box and hit login.


If the screen shows multiple aprs locations like this then put my callsign in the box on the right side where it says Track Callsign and then hit the enter key.


Once the screen refreshes you should only see me and my track for the past hour, if no track shows up change the "Show last" box on the right to a longer duration and hit the enter key again. It should show something like this. Each dot is a reporting position and should show a message everyother one and other info.

Have fun: you can also click the links on the right for station info, raw packets, beacon packets, and messages that I have sent and received.


Other links for aprs:

Google aprs open in Las Vegas but you can zoom out and drag the map to a new location and zoom back in.


Automatic Packet Reporting System

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR