Steel Building

This has been done with 3 contractors. First is Mueller Inc. I can say that Clay @ Mueller, my salesman has helped me any way he could. He stored the building a while for me because of waiting on my Useless Concrete Contractor. Now for my concrete Contractor. Unsure of what name he may go by. My contract has Double R Concrete, call his phone and you get Advanced Building. His name is Dusty Roades. He was referred by my home inspector, who was really great and I can't belive this guy is on his contractor list. I will be making a phone call to tell him that I belive he needs to be removed. Contracted Feb. 1 2007 for the slab for the building, and any flat work for an additional 2.00 a square foot. Well as you can see from the pictures, yes today is exactly 2 months and the only thing that is done is the slab for the building.

Mueller Steel Building

Building Site

With Concrete For Building

Start of Building Day 1

Building Day 2


Day 3

End of Day 3. Down pours in Rain but the roof is on, trim and one window in the front. Thank you Jody.