Steel Building

This has been done with 3 contractors. First is Mueller Inc. I can say that Clay @ Mueller, my salesman has helped me any way he could. He stored the building a while for me because of waiting on my Useless Concrete Contractor. Now for my concrete Contractor. Unsure of what name he may go by. My contract has Double R Concrete, call his phone and you get Advanced Building. His name is Dusty Rhodes. He was referred by my home inspector, who was really great and I can't belive this guy is on his contractor list. I will be making a phone call to tell him that I belive he needs to be removed. Contracted Feb. 1 2007 for the slab for the building, and any flat work for an additional 2.00 a square foot. Well as you can see from the pictures, yes today is exactly 2 months and the only thing that is done is the slab for the building.


The concrete contractor finally showed up and finished the driveways Thursday, April 12th!!!

They did do a good job on the finish of the driveways and he did grind down the trowel marks left on the building slab on Friday. What luck, he finished just before the hail storm so we managed to get our vehicles in the building before any damage.

Mueller Steel Building




Pics of Construction Stages


With Concrete For Building

Start of Building Day 1

Building Day 2


Day 3


End of Day 3. Rain down pours, but the roof is on, trim and one window in the front. Thank you Jody.

Most Recent of Finished Building

My New Work bench I built.



June 22, 2007