Our Updates, which I am pleased to say that

we have done it all ourselves!

Some before and after pictures.

Kayla's room before

Kayla's Room Now

Our first time for vinyl tile.


Devins room before

Devin After

Our first time for putting down Laminate Flooring.


Utility room before


With new lighting and paint. Eventually find some cabinets for above the washer and dryer to replace those wire shelves.

Pantry New Shelves, still have to paint some of the wood runners.

Study/Dining room before.

Study after paint and with the "possible floor".


Since these pictures we have visited the Floor Store and picked out a lighter colored laminate.

Eventually I would like to build the entire wall like this.

Kitchen Now

This is what we have plans to do by the Fall of 07

Not exactly the same but similar. Sink will stay in the same place it is, but things will be moved around and we will have an island to work on.

Also we have painted the Master Bedroom, Living Room and also started on the kitchen and hallways. More pictures soon.


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December 31, 2006